The Beer

The centerpiece of the Swing Tree experience is its handcrafted, artisan ales and lagers. Swing Tree rotates its four distinctly different styles of beer at the taphouse year round.

Swing Tree Rotating Anchor Brands

  • Porch Swing Pale Ale                                                                                                     The Porch Swing Pale Ale is the flagship anchor brand for Swing Tree. Porch Swing will be a light bodied, straw colored ale that will be approachable to any level of beer enthusiast. The malt profile will be slightly sweet, although not overwhelming. Complimenting this is just enough citrus hop character to balance this ale into a very quaffable, refreshing, everyday beer. Porch Swing is a beer that goes well with Southern Oregon life.
  • Two Shilling Ale™                                                                                                               The Two Shilling Ale is our brown ale offering. A Southern English Brown by style, this ale will be a luscious, malt-oriented, brown ale. It will have a caramel, dark fruit complexity that will be framed by a delectable roasted chocolate overtone. Two Shilling Ale will be lightly hopped and have a lower alcohol percentage.
  • Lonely Trike Red Ale                                                                                                       The Lonely Trike is a bold red ale with a complex, medium body, and assertive Northwest American hop character. Lonely Trike will have a moderate alcohol content, however, it will be far from moderate in flavor. Big in all other respects, this Northwest Red will have a tasty, dark, caramel candy like sweetness from the use of dark crystal malts. It will then be balanced out perfectly with liberal use of citrusy American hops.
  • Obligatory IPA                                                                                                                      The Obligatory IPA will not disappoint the thirsty hop-crazy masses of the Rogue Valley. This beer is a traditional Northwest IPA with a firm, yet not overbearing hop bitterness that will be nicely balanced with a clean malty backbone. Obligatory will be loaded down with finishing hops in the kettle as well as an inordinate amount of dry hopping in the fermenter; giving this ale an aroma reminiscent of smelling a handful of fresh hops.

Once the taphouse has expanded, Swing Tree plans to offer a variety of specialty brands in addition to the Anchor Brands outlined above.

Swing Tree Specialty Brands

  • Beer of the Month                                                                                                              Each month Swing Tree will have a special event to release this new beer. Swing Tree guests who have chosen to sign up for our monthly newsletter will be invited to the taphouse to enjoy a 10oz sample of our brewer’s newest creation on the house! The styles of these beers will coincide with seasonal events and holidays and will give our brewing staff an opportunity to experiment with new, innovative techniques and ingredients. Some beers already in planning are a Pilsner in May for those first hot summer days and a Märzen in September to help our friends in Munich celebrate Oktoberfest.
  • Cask Ales                                                                                                                                      In addition to the eight faucets of truly unique brands described above, Swing Tree will offer traditionally prepared cask ales, also known as “Real Ale”. Real ale is created by filling a firkin (a 10.8 gallon keg) with unfiltered beer. It is then dosed with sugar, hops, and finings and then sealed so that natural carbonation is produced during the maturation time period. It is this process which makes real ale unique amongst beers and develops the wonderfully nuanced tastes and aromas which typical beers do not possess. The beer will then be served directly from the firkins after driving a tap into the cask with a hammer. These vessels will be stored in direct site at the bar and the tappings will be quite an event to witness. Currently no other breweries in the Rogue Valley offer this unique style of ale and we can’t wait to introduce it to Ashland!
  • The Tradition Series                                                                                                           Once a year the brewers at Swing Tree will brew a single batch of beer using traditional mashing techniques employed by Belgian brewers for hundreds of years. This will create a unique beer that will be spontaneously fermented by the naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria that flourish in the Southern Rogue Valley. As opposed to the conventional beers brewed at Swing Tree, the Tradition will not be cooled by the heat exchanger, but will be pumped over to a vessel known as a koelschip, (pronounced coolship). Fans will blow cool autumn air across the hot wort that will cool it down to fermentation temperatures while also inoculating the wort with naturally occurring yeast that inhabit the area. Once this beer has rested in the koelschip for 24 hours, it will be pumped into oak barrels where it will continue its fermentation process for up to three years. Once the beer has completely fermented, the three-year beer will be blended with the younger two-year beer to balance out the tartness of the older product. Once the perfect balance has been determined a very small amount of young one-year beer will be added to the mix in order to provide enough fermentable sugar to enable a secondary fermentation that will happen in the packaged product. This very special beer will be packaged in a 750 ml champagne style bottle that will be finished with a cork and cage. Once the beer has been packaged, it will then continue to mature in the bottle for another three to six months. The finished result will be a very complex, fruity, and tart beer with rich apricot aromas and will serve as the flagship of the Tradition series. This beer will be known as the Swing Tree Tradition Grand Cru.

2 Responses to The Beer

  1. Katie says:

    just wondering about the ABV and IBU’s on your featured beers, can’t seem to find that info on the website..

    • Katie, thanks for your interest in STBC! We don’t post all the specific IBUs and ABVs because we are a small brewery and like to change our recipes depending on what our local guests prefer and/or what direction we would like to see the brew grow in. That being said, we are not necessarily into huge ABV or IBU beers. In regards to the ABV, not only do we serve true pints (we use 20oz pint glasses and not 16oz shaker pints) but we like to have a few beers at lunch and still be okay to finish our day. In regards to IBUs, we enjoy hops as much as the next person but we think every beer doesn’t have to be totally hopped-up to be delicious. Our current offerings are as follows:
      Porch Swing: 4.5%, 36 IBUs
      2 Shilling Brown: 3.4%, 16 IBUs
      Lonely Trike Red: 7.8%, 86 IBUs
      Obligatory IPA: 7.4%, 76 IBUs
      We are totally open-book in regards to recipe information so feel free to contact the brewer directly at with any other specific information requests! Thanks again and hope to see you at the Tap House!

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