We Have Arrived!

Well the road has been long but we have received the final go-ahead and we are set to open November 14th! The last few months have been very busy but lots of fun. The Taphouse is just about finished (thanks again to the help of a few very talented and dedicated friends) and while we are opening with a modest version of our original plan, we couldn’t be happier!


 As far as the logistics of the Taphouse, here are some of the details:

  • We will be open 3-8pm Thursdays-Sundays. We are more than happy to expand or change our hours depending on demand so we will see how the hours work, and make changes as needed. Also, if you are enjoying a tasty beverage with friends when 8pm rolls around, you most likely won’t catch us kicking you out! While we can’t guarantee we will be there, we also welcome people to stop by anytime they are in the area and say hi, even if it isn’t during business hours. Brandon spends a good amount of time at the brewery and a visit from a friendly face is always appreciated.
  • We are going to brew as much as we possibly can to keep as many taps of Swing Tree beer as possible (up to the four we currently have installed) but we are limited in our fermentation capacity. To fill any empty taps we have, we will be featuring guest taps from other local breweries. We are going to try and focus on beers from other nano-breweries in the area, but like us, they might not always have the capacity to have extra beer. In that case we will focus on other local craft breweries. We are excited to work with the other brewers in the area and showcase all the great beer Southern Oregon has to offer!
  • While it is still on the forefront of our plans, we will not immediately be offering food at the Taphouse. We do not however, want hungry people, so please feel free to bring in your own food. We will also have a few delivery menus on hand and will be working with Food-to-You delivery service to make sure you are properly nourished while enjoying Swing Tree libations.
  • As mentioned in an earlier post, we have to initially have a no minors policy. We tried our best but couldn’t get around this one, so for the time being, the little ones will have to stay home.

We are so excited to finally be able to offer our friends, family, and community the labor of our love. We have had so many people stop in to check on our progress and show us support and it has really meant a great deal. We are thrilled to be coming into such a great neighborhood and community, and we can’t wait to be able to give back a little of what we have been shown the last few months. We are already having so much fun and can’t wait to see you all in the brewery for a pint! Cheers and see you soon!

 -The Swing Tree Team


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4 Responses to We Have Arrived!

  1. KEVIN EKERSON says:

    I don’t see an address for the tasting room. Kevin


  2. KEVIN EKERSON says:

    Found the address, thanks.


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