Coming Soon!

We hope everyone is having a great summer so far! We have been busy getting the Taphouse open and have unfortunately neglected to post an update recently. So, without further ado, here is the latest and greatest from Swing Tree.

First, we have our new logo! Although we loved our first logo we felt like with the opening of the Taphouse, and with all the new signage and great gear we have in the works, it was time for an updated look. We worked with Garth Mix of GMix Designs and couldn’t be happier with the results! Check it out and let us know what you think.


We have had a few changes in plans for operations since our last update, one of the most important being in regards to food. We will no longer be serving pizza upon opening as previously planned. Instead, we will initially offer a cold cooler with pre-made local snacks and foodstuff. We also would like to get a few food trucks to make a stop at Swing Tree depending on demand. We will also work with local restaurants that deliver as well as the local delivery service, Food to You, to make sure you don’t go hungry!

The remodel of the Taphouse space is coming along great! If you haven’t stopped by yet (or even if you have) come by and check it out! We have used a great deal of reclaimed lumber from the area and have put together some great things for the Taphouse. We still have a few more projects to finish up but things are looking good.

ImageWe could not have done it without the help of so many, including: Vince Burrill for the bar and table top lumber, Paddy McGuire of the Green Springs Inn for the trim lumber and all of the mill help, Jevon Schelldorf of Innovative Construction for his hard work and materials, and Brian Niestrath for his much needed expertise and hours of quality craftsmanship. This brewery really is a community effort and we can’t begin to show our gratitude to all the great people who have helped in so many ways!

ImageAlthough the remodel has been taking up most of our days, the real determining factor of when we will open has been our licensing. We ran into a snag with one of the licensing departments and got held up quite a few weeks. The good news is, we finally got the go-ahead! We only have two more inspections to pass (which should happen this week) and then we will be making beer! Once we have beer in the tanks, it’s just three weeks until we are serving you a cold pint of delicious Swing Tree beer.

We are getting increasingly excited about our opening and will keep you all updated on the upcoming progress. We thank you all again for your continued support and can’t wait to share a pint with you soon!

Until next time, Cheers!

-The Swing Tree Team

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3 Responses to Coming Soon!

  1. Ted says:

    It is nice and spiffy and all, but I really LOVE the original logo! The original has that crayon hanging on the fridge look that make me feel happy inside, like beer is supposed to!

    • Ted, thanks for the input. It was hard for us to say goodbye to the old logo (there are some aspects we really love about it) but we are really happy with what Garth (Gmix Designs) did for us and think that it better represents Swing Tree. No doubt our old logo will make an appearance now and then in our branding along the way though, so keep an eye out as we venture on. And as for that happy feeling inside…stop by the Taphouse for a pint and we think you’ll still find it!

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