The Wait is Over!

Greetings! A lot has happened since our last update. The New Year has brought with it many new developments and we are excited to catch everyone up on the latest and greatest. While we would love to go on about every last detail of the happenings over the past few months, we will stick to a few major updates for now.

Our main focus as of late has been on getting all of our licensing applications submitted, and we are happy to say that so far we are flying through the process! Our liquor license has been approved by the City of Ashland, and the TTB approval (federal) should come in just a few weeks. After that we just have to wait for our approval from the OLCC (state), and then we should be ready to open our doors by April or May.

While this is all moving right along and is in line with our original opening date, there has been a change in the plan as far as the capacity in which we will be operating.  Due to financial considerations, opening with our originally planned 7bbl brewhouse and taproom was going to put our opening date back another year. We considered our options and we decided that first and foremost we wanted to open our doors and get our beer out there for all to enjoy! With that, we decided to open with the ½ bbl brewing system we have been making our pilot batches on, and start with a very modest tasting room. Our brewing capacity will be limited, but we will brew every chance we get and sell every last pint to our local patrons. To make up for the limited quantities of Swing Tree beer, we will also serve a few beers from other Rogue Valley breweries at the taphouse.

So, to lay it all out for ya’:

 What you can expect at opening this spring:

  • The same amazing beer we have been promising all along
  • A modest taproom where we will serve 2 Swing Tree brands (The Porch Swing and a rotating tap) and a unique selection of other Rogue Valley beers
  • Delicious fresh pizzas made by local bakery, Ichigo Cakes

What you have to wait for (don’t worry, not too long of a wait):

  • Purchasing our beers off the shelves in cans
  • Buying our beer in bulk (such as keg and growler purchases)
  • Enjoying our beers at other local establishments around Southern Oregon.

While this wasn’t our original plan, we have become increasingly excited about opening in this capacity. It will provide us with an opportunity to really focus on the beer, and getting to know our customers before we are bogged down with the increased responsibilities of the bigger brewhouse. It will also give us an opportunity to get input from our community and really grow the brewery into something we have all created together.

Every dollar we make during this initial stage will go right back into the brewery while we work up to our original plan of a larger taphouse, a full selection of Swing Tree brands, and keg and can distribution. Until then, if you want to enjoy one of our creations you’ll just have to make your way to our taphouse, hunker down on one of our stools, and drink a beer with us face-to-face.

We hope you are all as excited as we are, and we can’t wait to see you at the taphouse. We feel like we have an amazing opportunity to build something special with our friends and neighbors and offer our beautiful community a neighborhood brewery they can be proud of.

Cheers- The Swing Tree Team



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